Twined Bags
In the old days, people needed containers to hold everything.  Bags were made in every size to accommodate holding everything from food to sewing supplies to fire making kits.  Although the vast majority of bags have been lost, there are some examples of bags preserved in museums. 


Twined Bags, Abenaki

 Small Twined Bags, Pouches or Medicine Bags * 

Closed twined with braided strap.  Made from cotton cord. 2" wide.  (Left) Red and black, (Middle) Natural and black, (Right)  Hunter green and lime green



Twined Bag, Abenaki
Twined Bags, Abenaki


   Medium Twined Bags, Twined Shot Bags and Twined Shoulder Bags *

   Open twined bags with braided strap.  The more you use these bags, the softer they feel.   Made from hemp.  Approximately 8" wide x 8.5" tall.

Left - natural hemp with green and gold 

Right - natural with red



Twined Bag

Closed and Diagonal Twined Bag*

This bag was twined using both the closed twining and diagonal twining techniques.  Made from natural and white hemp.



 * Photographs courtesy of Lina Longtoe Schulmeisters.




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