Twined Baskets

Harvesting milkweed to make twined bags and twined baskets.

As early as the 17th century, European writing have described  Native American basketry. The word "basket" was used loosely to describe any bag, basket or container, which opens from the top. Vera continues this tradition of her ancestors. She harvests and processes into cordage milkweed, nettles, dogbane, for twining baskets & bags. She also twines with hemp, jute, cotton and linen cordage.


Twined Basket


Miniature Twined Basket

Perfect to hold tiny pieces or in a

dollhouse. 2" wide x 3" tall. Made from hemp


Twined Gourd Basket - Twined Sewing Basket


Twined Gourd Basket*

This basket gets its name from its shape. It looks like a gourd, with the

top cut off. This shape lends itself nicely as a sewing basket. Natural and walnut dyed hemp.

 Twined Basket


Small Twined Basket*

Natural hemp, adorned a with red stripe.

5" wide x 6" tall.



Abenaki Twined Basket


Twined Acorn Basket

A traditional seed collecting storage container used by Abenaki families in the Connecticut River Valley. Re-created

based on oral tradition/witness account

 from the 1930's. After filling it, it would

 be hung until it was needed to plant next summer's garden, 

Twined Basket, Abenaki


Shallow Twined Bowl

Good size to hold snacks or food.

Natural hemp

5" wide x 2" tall




Medium Twined Basket with Lid *

Great conatainer to help you hold your provisions and a tight fitting lid.

Natural hemp, with triple red strip

6" wide x 6" tall.


 * Photographs Courtesy of Lina Longtoe Schulmeisters



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