Twined Quivers & Twined Helmuts

The twined quivers and twined helmuts on this page were designed for use during Vermont's statewide Quadricentenial Celebration, which honored  the 400th anniversay of Samuel de Champlain's voyages to the new world. 


Child sized, twined quiver

Twined Quiver

Child sized, open twined quiver with adjustable twined strap.  Lined in birchbark for added strength.  Made from natural jute.

3 " x 12" tall.






Twined Quiver  - photo coming soon!

Adult sized, closed twined quiver with  strap.  Does not include bow or arrows. Although this quiver is based on 17th century drawing by Samuel de Champlain, the size has been adjusted to accomodate trekking and canoeing. 

Made from natural and red dyed heavy weight hemp.

4" x 24" long.


Twined Helmut  - photo coming soon!

This close, twined helmet was also deisigned using drawings by Samuel de Champlain. 

Made from red dyed,  natural hemp and turkey feathers. 



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