Twined Textiles
Due to the soil conditions in the North East, we rarely find fragments of twined textiles. Most of the cordage fragments found in northern Vermont, where found near cooper (Peterson, James B., 1996:56). A pottery shards impressed with the design of twined textile was found along the Winooski River (Power, and Petersen). 


Twined dress

 Twined Dress

Archaic Style Twined  Dress (above).  This dress is a work in progress. It is being twined using the same techniques as found at the Boucher site in Northern Vermont.  More pictures will be added as it gets closer to completion.


Twined bag, Abenaki

Twined Envelope Bag

This bag was made as part of a matching set.  It matches the prototype of a Archaic style twined dress.

It was made using the three twining styles that were found at the Boucher site.   7 1/2" x 9"






Twined Textile Sample

(Right) This twined textile sample is approximately 5" x 4".  It was made for the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum,  Vergennes, Vt.





Twined sandal

  Twined Sandals

Archaic Style Sandals Prototype (left) made for the Wobanakik Heritage Center. These twined  sandals have been featured in "Always In Fashion: 11,000 Years of Abenaki Attire," at the Vermont Indigenous Celebration 2009 and again at the 2010 Winter Celebration, both at the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center.






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