Twined Bags & Twined Baskets For Sale

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Closed & Diagonal Twined Bag.

Closed and Diagonal Twined Bag*

This bag was twined using both the closed twining and diagonal twining techniques. This size bag, makes a great shot bag or shouldar bag. The more you use these bags, the softer they feel.

Made from natural and white hemp.

8 3/4" x 8" Tall 







Twined Round Bag - Twined Pack Basket.

 Twined Round Bag  - Extra Large

This huge twined round twined bag can be used as a pack basket or storage container.  It's heavy duty construction will last for many years

Made from natural hemp.

Approximately 12" base x 15" tall







Twined Gourd Basket

Twined Basket*

This basket gets its name from its shape. It looks like a gourd, with the top cut off. This shape lends itself nicely as a sewing basket.

Natural and walnut dyed hemp.

6" x 4" tall.