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The Abenakis and their Neighbors

 The Abenakis and their Neighbors - Download PDF


Compiled by Frederick M. Wiseman And Melody Walker

Published by the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs

"It is only within the last three decades that European scholars have shown any interest in the American Abenakis, thereby changing our perceptions of history and diversity within the Abenaki homeland. Asa response, teachers, museum professionals, archaeologists and state officials have shown an increasing need for books, audio-visuals and other resources, conferences and coursework pertaining to the Western Abenakis. This extensively annotated resources list, was first created in the late 1990’s and made available as an appendix to The Voice of the Dawn (Wiseman, 2001), then expanded and included as a part of the Against the Darkness video supplemental materials (Wiseman, 2006), then supplemented by Melody Walker Brook’s June 2008 Native Resources List. This attempts to provide in one place, a coherent listing by topic, of the current resources available to teachers and other professionals, although some, such as audio sources may no longer be available or now in other formats and published by other companies. In addition to resources on the American Abenakis, we have included important materials concerning the closely related Wabanakis of Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. These people, especially the Micmacs, have been extensively studied for many years and have by far the most written about them. The American Abenakis lived in an almost identical way and had a very similar material and spiritual world, so the more "polished" productions (such as the Mi'kmaq video listed below) are appropriate for students until analogous materials dealing with the Western Abenakis are produced." (Wiseman et al. 2010)